Powerful Stories with Positive Messages

Bryan is a storyteller. Through his blend of humorous, heartfelt, and thoughtful stories, kids start to realize how much they can really do.

Because everyone has their thing.

And if we start with kindness, compassion, generosity, courage, and positivity, not only will we grow, but we'll help others grow as well.


Engaging School and Community Visits

Assemblies are fun. So are classroom visits. And playing in gym classes. And student council meetings. And recess. Kids thrive on connection and creativity, so Bryan meets them where they're at and shows them where they can go.

He spends the day at your school engaging kids through storytelling and activities that help them grow in character and kindness.  

Kind, Caring, Compassionate Kids

Help the world. That's what Be the Nice Kid is trying to do.

And it starts with kids.

When kids learn to express their feelings positively, treat others with respect, laugh at their mistakes and just try to do a little bit better, we're off to a good start.