Be the Nice Kid - Part 2

I was a quiet kid.

I usually kept to myself.  Sure, I had a few friends, but I wasn't the outgoing, talk to everyone type.

When my friends weren't around, I'd play Legos and built blanket forts.  I'd play basketball by myself in the driveway creating fictional teams with made up players.  (Aristotle Jenovosi was 8 feet tall and Mitch Culpit never missed a 3).

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Bryan Skavnak
Be the Nice Kid - Part 1

I was a dorky kid.

I didn't really know it at the time....and by the time I figured it out, I really didn't care.

I was quiet. I played the saxophone (faked it my first two years!). I didn't like playing video games, but I could memorize the Legend of Zelda map and loved doing stats while my friends played old school (not old at the time) baseball. I had some close friends, but not a ton of them. I flew under the radar for most of my days in school.

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Bryan Skavnak
The Trifecta Story

Before you go to bed tonight, do The Trifecta for yourself. (unless you hate being happy)

Here's the story...

In our household of golf pros and weirdos, we're a little different.

Especially at story time.

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Bryan Skavnak
The Perfectionist's Story

My 6 year old is in a rut.

He's in the perfectionist stage of his life.

He's never wrong. He never loses. He never screws up.

People aren't allowed to be better than him. He's happy when he wins, but when he loses....

Well. He doesn't know how to handle it quite yet.

That's the key word. Yet.

And that's where my job comes in.

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Bryan Skavnak
The Rolling Stone Story

I am not a fan of snow.

It makes driving difficult, messes up the sidewalks, and makes my socks all wet.

Sure, it looks pretty when it shines in the sun, but so does Kristen Bell, and I don't see her chilling in my front yard all winter.

But snow does make me remember.

Especially to the winter of 2005.

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Bryan Skavnak
The Arizona Tea Story

My students and I are like a family.

We support each other, we rag on each other, and we go to Buffalo Wild Wings together.

This isn't a Wild Wings story, but it's just as good.....

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Bryan Skavnak
The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Story

My best teacher was my mom.

She taught me about manners, and generosity, and treating others kindly. She taught me how to play 500 (she was a rockstar at that game), how to make ice cream pie, and how to do laundry. She taught me how to pray, how to talk to others, and how to sing incorrect song lyrics. Seriously, I still don’t know what a heebeejeebee is.

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Bryan Skavnak