The Arizona Tea Story


My students and I are like a family.

We support each other, we rag on each other, and we go to Buffalo Wild Wings together.

This isn't a Wild Wings story, but it's just as good.....

Every Friday, a group of students and I go play golf at a local course. These kids have been with me for a long time now...6, 8, 10 years. I've seen them grow from curious little kids to annoying middle schoolers, back to a whole variety of different high schoolers.

They all have their own quirks. Some are outgoing. Some are quiet. Some tell stories. Some are always on their phone. Some are funny. Some try to be funny. Some are confident. Some need that boost.

But the best part is that it's all okay. Everybody brings something to the table. And even though they may not be best friends outside of our class, on golf day, on our day, they get along and have fun together.

On this particular Friday, we were on the 4th tee box of a local executive course. I was with a couple quiet kids and a couple talkers. The quiet kids loved paintball and hockey, respectively. The talkers... they were brothers, they were funny, and they loved Arizona teas.

As one of the talkers was getting ready to tee off, he started telling us a story.....

"Before the football game last week, me and my buddy went to the store to grab something to drink. I found my favorite Asia Plum Green Tea with Ginseng and Plum Juice (Side note: I really don't remember what he said, but it was something with a lot of ingredients). You can't find that anywhere.

Now get this. We got to the entrance and Admin was confiscating everything that people brought in. They were trying to cut down on drinking, I get it. But they took my tea. And it wasn't even opened. What could I put into an unopened can of tea? It sucked. It was my favorite kind.

They told me I could come find them after the game and they'd give it back to me.

So after the game I went and looked for someone from Admin, but couldn't find anyone. They were gone. They probably drank my tea.

On Monday, I went to school and I was still mad at that whole thing. So, I went to Admin and asked for the lady who took my tea. She told me she didn't have it. And that was it.

Stupid Admin. I can't believe they took my favorite tea and never gave it back."

The talker lined up his shot and got ready to hit.

You could tell he didn't want to let the tea thing go. He was visibly upset about the whole thing.

And if I know anything about golf, tension and good golf shots don't exactly mix.

Tight hands, overthinking, worrying. They all happen when you are tense. And no good comes from it.

He took a swing, his tee flipped in the air, and his ball went sailing...... into the woods.

He didn't say a word. He just paced around as if he was looking for something.

Then we realized he was.

"What are you looking for?" said his brother.

"My tee"

Then no sound for what felt like a full minute.

Until the quiet kid chimed in.

"Maybe Admin took it."

Talk soon,

Bryan Skavnak